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Instructions for your NEW SIGN KIT...
1. Remove the brushes and lid from the ink well.

2. Pour about 1 oz. of the corresponding color of ink onto the pad in the bottom of the ink well.
** Note: Ink will remain on top of the pad until it soaks in.

3. Before replacing the lid, pre-ink the brushes 10-15 minutes by submerging them in the ink that has not yet soaked into the pad. This will allow ink to thoroughly penetrate the brush felt. Carefully replace the lid.

4. Gently press brushes down into ink well, allowing excess ink to settle for future use.

REPEAT Steps 1-4 for each of the remaining colors.

Your sign kit is ready for use!!

5. Re-ink brushes when they become dry by placing them into the ink well 
and pressing down several (2-3) times.

6. Refill ink well with ½ - 1oz. of ink each time the pad becomes dry.
** Note: Using ½ - 1 oz. of ink is sufficient for refills. Using more or submerging the pad with ink can create a mess if ink well is accidently spilled.

**** We use very firm felt in our brushes so it takes longer to absorb ink in the beginning. However, using firmer felt will give you a much longer wear while maintaining a finer edge.

Thank you for choosing our Poster and Sign Making Kit. We are confident you will have fun in finding many uses for this creative product!

Replacing the Felt

To replace the felt in the Chromarkers, remove staples from the old brushes with a knife (these staples are at the short end of each brush.) Put in the new felt and staple. This can be stapled on the flat, longer end of the brush. A regular desk stapler will work, but if you have a heavier stapler you may want to use it. To notch your new felt, cut a "V" in the area you want on one side of the felt with a razor blade or knife.

Demo & Instructions

Chromark Sign Kit
Chromark Replacement Ink
Chromark Replacement Brush
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